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Shane Wilbanks

Speaker, Artist and Illusionist who helps churches and organizations capture attention and communicate Christ. Shane is a full time Evangelist with a passion to make known the mystery of the Gospel. He is founder and president of Make Known Ministries Inc. which exist to encourage and equip Christians and evangelize non-Christians.

Shane’s prayer has been “God use all of me, to help make known all of You, to all of them.” Shane is a gifted and passionate Speaker whose own personal story communicates the grace of God’s power in his weakness. What began as a hobby 30 years ago quickly paid for Bible College and now sets Shane apart as one of the few unique Gospel Airbrush Artists in the nation. As an Illusionist Shane is not only able to provide wonder and fun but capture the attention and creatively make known the mystery of the Gospel. All ages enjoy his fun Illusions, amazing Paintings and clear messages. Outstanding, Amazing, Captivating, Biblical, Motivating, Fun and Engaging are just a few of the words used to describe the unique ministry of Shane Wilbanks.

Shane has over 20 years ministry experience serving as full-time Pastor of Students and Families at churches from 300 to nearly 3,000 attendees. He has a Pastor’s heart for Disciple-making and the gift of evangelism.  In 2016 Shane’s family took a huge “step of faith” and he began traveling full-time as an Evangelist to make Christ known. In the first two years Shane presented to over 90,000 people across the nation and around the world. He’s seen 1,000’s of children, teens & adults respond to the Gospel & lives changed. He’s had a TV appearance and shared the stage with some of Christian Music’s largest artists including David Crowder and Toby Mac.  This past summer Shane was honored to open up for Justin Flom (from “The World’s Best” TV Show) at the annual Fellowship of Christian Magicians Conference as well as be featured on the cover of the FCM Magazine (Winter edition 2019).   
Shane is available for children, youth and family one-time events as well as multi-day events. He would love to partner with you in adding value to your event and helping invest in your group.  More info is available at and you may find Shane on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube under Shane Wilbanks. 

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Trent & Jessica Black

Trent and Jessica Black are from West Monroe, Louisiana and own the Creative Arts Store, a creative ministry resource supplier. They also serve as Youth and Children's Pastors at House of Prayer, International in Monroe. The couple regularly ministers around the country at camps, conferences and children's events together and with their traveling Creative Ministry Team, the CREW. Trent and Jessica have taught training workshops around the country and Internationally helping others enhance their own creative gifts to further the Kingdom. They have a heart to train up the next generation of leaders and to share the Gospel in unique and creative ways.

Brennon Spikes

Brennon Spikes has been clowning for 47 years. 13 years ago God showed him that it's ok to be laughed at by someone other than his family. B Hayve has made many balloons, taught many lessons, told many jokes, all while serving the Lord.

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Brittany Miller


Brittany started off in children's worship 2007 at Rethink Life Church (Florida). She volunteered every Sunday bringing joy and fun to worship with the kids. She helped create a modern worship experience for her church that got kids engaged and out of their seats to praise God! VBS was always BIG, and in 2008 she was asked to volunteer in the face painting booth. She was terrible, but the kids loved it anyways and it sparked a fire in her. For the next few years she practiced in the art form and got pretty good at it; practicing at birthday parties and church functions. 


In 2011, the day after she married the man of her dreams, she moved from Sunny Orlando Florida to Scorching Texas. She started up a party business and landed a job as a children's worship leader. Years came and went (and two beautiful kids were added to the home) and in 2015, she started to pick up and learn the art of balloon twisting. She is currently attending Compass Church and still loves to worship every day!

Rick & Monica Chaney (Jots & SonShyne)


Jots (Rick Chaney) The son of world renown Hall of Fame clown Earl Chaney-“Mr. Clown” has been clowning since the age of twelve when he traveled with his father on the Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus. He learned from some of the greatest in the business. He performed in Las Vegas, NV with Mr. Clown’s Suitcase Circus on some of the biggest stages. He has developed a kind hearted character, named Jots that is endeared by children everywhere. Whether in front of thousands of children on a huge stage, or a humble back yard family event, Jots gets the laughs! 

Monica (SonShyne) Chaney started at the age of 14 in Las Vegas, NV where she met her life-long partner Rick Chaney When she met Rick in 1977 she was amazed that he was a clown and so was his ad! She saw stars and soon enough became a student of the grease paint. Rick taught her the art of traditional make-up which being an artist she loved and excelled in. She also began to practice her skills of performing, juggling, balloon sculpting and face painting. Clowning was in her blood to stay and she added modeling, theatre, commercials as well as face painting at Circus Circus in Reno, NV. Along her journey she added Professional Sales and Marketing, lecturing and traveled coast to coast under the mentorship of ABC’s Secret Millionaire Wealth and Success Trainer Dani Johnson. She is a quick study, and excellent lecturer. 

Both Chaney’s hard working skills make up a successful ingredient for Circus Daze, but the ministry that heads up this team is still number one. This year has been challenging taking them into a diverse amount of venues and environments. Each one requiring a different level of marketing, performing. They were honored to be interviewed by TCT Christian television, by performing a gospel show IN make up, then concluding the interview speaking to churches and Christian leaders about presenting the “Gospel in Greasepaint”. The synergy and humor these two bring along with their passion to keep the art of traditional clowning alive… a must see team!

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Tee Kam Bee "Uncle Buttons"

Malaysian born clown, Sam Tee has been in the industry for more than 23 years. He travels extensively and has done numerous of functions and occasions, teaching & performing locally & abroad. A missionary and a teacher of creative presentations of the Gospel.

The highlights includes :
- Bun Fun International Clown Festival Hong Kong 2015
- Indonesia Clown festival, Surabaya 2015
- Hosted 'The Borneo Adventure' WCA 30th Conference Kuching 2013
And a coordinator for WCA Thailand 2017
- Flora Expo, Taiwan 2011
- World Expo Aichi, Japan 2005
- Clown Camp USA, UK, Singapore, Japan & India. 2002-2012

He is also involved with several Non-Profit Humanitarian organization, Mercy Malaysia in Post disaster mission to several country such as:
Indian Tsunami, earthquake in Bam, Iran, Pakistan & Sichuan, China.
Using Humor as a form of therapy for psycho-social program.

Sam Tee is also the author or Twist with Sam balloon Video series.
He formerly served as S.E.A Regional Director for World Clown Association and partner of Interserve Malaysia.

Shawn Patrello

Shawn has been a character actor and improv comedian in the DFW area for over 30 years. He also served for over 10 years as Dr. Scribble, a hospital caring clown for Children's Medical Center of Dallas. Shawn is a talented  artist who wears many other hats such as illustrator, cartoonist, puppeteer, puppet builder, ventriloquist, clown, etc. More of Shawn coming soon...

Rafi Rondon

Rafael has been a Creative Evangelist for over 26 years. He is currently the president of Creative International Ministries, Inc, GLOW Creative Arts Conference, and he also serves  as a Children's Pastor at Fielder Church in Grand Prairie, TX. He is married and a father of 3. Original from Puerto Rico, Rafi is a bilingual performer whom began entertaining people in 1990 trying to make extra money to pay for college. At  a young age,Rafael joined the Society of American Magicians and began clowning in 1991. He pursued learning clowning at intensive advanced camps from retired Staff of Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus in 1992, 1993, 1994, and 1995. 

Rafi also helped Chagy the Clown in founding "Circo del Rey" which is an evangelistic Christian Circus.

From 2003 to 2013, Rafael served as full time evangelist, traveling across the USA and over 12 countries internationally while sharing the good news of the Gospel Message through clowning, illusions, and preaching. Rafi is an ordained minister and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business, and a Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth,TX. Rafi has been a part of this conference for over 15 years.

Veronica Portugal

Veronica Portugal Started her venture in face painting 10 years ago in sunny south Florida. She was asked to face paint for a birthday party, randomly, after babysitting one night. She accepted the challenge and quickly excelled. She learned basic technique from Heather, the owner and founder of Silly farm and FABA TV. She went on to start her own business as a solo artist, but quickly found her passion for teaching the art as well.


Not long after the loss of her twins, and almost losing her life while giving birth, she began a new season of radical faith. Her team quickly expanded in 2 months, from 1 artist to 4. Currently she has 7 artists on staff, who have been fully trained by her, and are exceptional artists all over the DFW area.

Veronica has taught and labored in serving those who desire to succeed in owning their own business, and or just learning a new skill. She attends Turning Point Church, where most of her employees fellowship as well. Her husband Tony, has been the intense driving force for her company. He made it his passion to see her succeed. They created " I Dream Paints'. It is sold privately and used by her staff members. Together they have seen Fancy Faces grow. They have evangelized using face painting as their attention getter, drawing crowds in. They desire to expand in creatively loving people and bringing people to Christ using face painting, balloons and so much more...


Bruce Chadwick

Bruce Chadwick is a full-time professional magician and illusionist who performs regularly in Dallas Magic circles. He has been performing magic illusions for most of his life and has made magic his full-time vocation for over 30 years!


Bruce holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion and a Master of Arts degree in Theatre Arts from Baylor University, Waco, Texas. He also holds a Master of Divinity degree from the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.


Bruce is an AIMC with Silver Star member of England's prestigious The Magic Circle, a past-president and Order of Willard member of the Texas Association of Magicians, and is listed in WHO'S WHO IN MAGIC.


Bruce is also an active member of the Society of American Magicians and is an Order of Merlin Shield member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. One of the national magic clubs is also named after him, the "Bruce Chadwick SAM Assembly 138."


Bruce has also specialized in the manufacture of illusion apparatus and has designed and fabricated illusions hundreds of effects for the television and movie industries, theme parks, the Broadway stage, and for many various magicians worldwide. He has published several works on the psychology of illusion and is highly regarded among his peers as a creative consultant and expert in the field of illusion mechanics.

Kornpop McCullough

Kornpop was born in the mind of a 12 year old class clown named David when his teacher saw potential in him and introduced him to a Circus clown named Popcorn.  Popcorn was his first mentor and taught him how to move from just being mischievous to being an entertainer. David took the name Kornpop in homage to his mentor, and later legally changed his first name to Kornpop.

Over the years Kornpop learned to do illusions, juggle, walk on stilts, and of course balloon art.

Kornpop has been all around the world entertaining people and sharing the gospel through use of his balloon art.

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